OPSI and Soldier On

OPSI is a proud Gold Pledge Partner of Soldier On. Soldier On is a not-for-profit organisation that enables veterans and their families to thrive. Soldier On is working side-by-side with veterans and their families. To help secure their future and enable them to thrive in every area of civilian life. At Soldier On they provide a holistic model of support for veterans and their families, focusing on Health and Wellbeing Programs, Employment Support, Learning and Education programs, and Participation in social activities and programs. Established in 2012, Soldier On is a not-for-profit veteran support organisation. Delivering a range of early intervention services to veterans and their families in multiple locations across Australia.

Soldier On provides a holistic model of support, Focusing on Health and wellbeing, Employment Support, Learning and Education programs and Participation and Social Connection. Whether Australian veterans or their family members need to access services in one or all four areas. Our staff are here to HELP them connect with others and enable them to thrive through tailored programs.

OPSI and Soldier On and soldier on are working on gaining meaningful employment for suitably qualified staff. As a veteran-owned business, we see the benefit of employing fellow veterans. Veterans bring main skills that are suited to the private security industry. From situational awareness, discipline and pride in their appearance.

OPSI is focused on providing meaningful employment for those who have served Australia and their families. Soldier On and OPSI will work closely building a relationship to help our veteran thrive outside the military.

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