Staff retention

Staff retention is a huge issue within the private security industry.

One concern I have seen in the security industry lately is the ability to retain staff. The question must ask why don’t staff stick around long term? A couple of points that I can identify straight away are.

  1. Lack of good leadership from the management. I see companies being run by people who have never completed a shift as a guard. Even business owners/managers who don’t even hold an individual security licence. Yet they are telling trained security guard how things should be done.

  2. No ability for feedback from the staff members on the floor. Many people in the industry have a very broad knowledge of how things can be done to be more efficient over the book says to do it this way.

  3. No chance for growth in the roles or company. Many times, companies’ lose good staff to others who have the ability for the team member to grow with n the industry.

  4. Lack of feedback from the top down. Often a thank you to the staff goes a long way in keeping the team members on track and loyal to the company. Sometimes the only time staff hear from the management is when something goes wrong.

What do we do differently at OPSI? Our managers are all licenced and work shifts alongside our staff to help and be a good leader.

If we get good feedback from the clients or the public, we ensure it is passed on to the team. OPSI is a young growing company that wants our staff to learn and grow as security officers. We provide training, mentoring, and direction for our staff.

So if you are looking for an inclusive, responsive, and professional security company in Melbourne and regional Victoria check out OPSI.

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