What we do at OPSI

While OPSI is a small independent security company based in Melbourne that can provide services across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs in roles such as venue crowd control, retail security, static guards, corporate security officers, event security and more specialised security services such as Cash in Transit, Valuable Goods in Transit and armed security officers for asset protection as well as Close Personal Protection including VIP appearances at shopping centres and corporate leaders needing security escorts for shareholder meetings, hostile terminations as well commercial lockouts.

Our team come from a diverse background and include Defence Force Veterans. Our security industry professionals with a long history in the industry. We also have new team members being trained so that they learn the right way to do the job from security industry experts. The teams are equipped with all the tools required for the tasks.

The OPSI management team all hold the appropriate security licences. We are here to provide the best service to all our clients big or small. Our management team also work directly beside our staff on task and assignments.

All of our security staff are direct employees, paid the Industry Award and provided with all entitlements. OPSI maintain all licences and insurance to ensure the business is compliant.

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